Founders Court, Seattle Center, Seattle,Washington

A collaboration with Atelier Landscape Architects, Seattle on the design a courtyard inspired by the geological history of Washington State which has been punctuated by massive floods over the eons. The courtyard is centered around a large whirlpool that rhythmically fills and drains every few minutes, suggesting the countless cycles of floods that have sculpted the terrain of eastern Washington. As water spirals into the basin, a turbulent vortex is created. After a few minutes, the water shuts off and the vortex becomes calmer and as smooth as glass. Waves spiraling out of the center of the whirlpool create the illusion that the vortex has begun to spin in the opposite direction. The process is quite complex and different each time. The fountain is encircled by a series of spiral-shaped granite benches that invite people to sit and observe. The spiral motif is reflected in paving patterns which swirl out from the fountain and flow throughout the plaza. Funded by the Seattle Arts Commission. Completed in 1995.