Ned Kahn Studios, Sebastopol, CA

Completed Public Art Commissions: 

2021       Moving Goalposts, NFL Headquarters, Inglewood, CA

2021       Wind Bridge, Union Station, Los Angeles, CA

2021       Depth of Field, Zeiss Innovation Center, Dublin, CA

2020        Inverted Lake, Toronto, Canada

2020        Fountain of Instability, Austin, TX

2020        Harlan Vortex, San Francisco, CA

2020         Silver Lining, Columbus Convention Center, Ohio

2020         Mosaic of Sky, Atlanta Airport

2019          Pages of Salt, Salt Lake City, Utah

2019          Air Symphony, Symphony Towers, San Diego, CA

2019          Switchwall, Denny Substation, Seattle, WA

2019          Circadian Wind, Circa, Los Angeles

2019           Bus Fountain, Salesforce Transit Center, San Francisco

2019           Air Cube, Stanford Hospital

2018           Shark Skin, New York Aquarium Facade, Cony Island, NY

2018           Prairie Tree, Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN (with Field Operations)

2018           Sun Veil, Southpoint, Brisbane, Australia

2018           Zephyr, Lakeshore Parking Structure, Irvine, CA

2017           New York Crossing, Queens Mid-Town Tunnel Entrance, NYC

2017           Tower 10, Melbourne, Australia (with UAP)

2017           Bora Lightwaves, Montedoro Center, Muggia, Italy

2017           Wind Diamonds, MBC Waikiki, Hawaii

2017           Turning Leaves, Kaiser Hospital Parking Structure, Oakland, CA

2016           Wind Roundabout, Fort Worth, Texas

2015           Luwan, Shanghai, China (with Moshe Safdie Architect)

2015           Brookfield Place, Perth, Australia (with UAP)

2015           Robotic Parking Structure, West Hollywood, CA (with Rick D’Amato Architect)

2015           Denver International Airport (with Gensler Architects)

2015           Crossroads School, Santa Monica, CA (with Fred Fisher Architect)

2015           21-C Museum Hotel, Durham, North Carolina

2015           Playa Vista, CA (with Johnson/Fain Architects)

2015           University of Chicago Medical Center

2014           Debenhams Building, London, U.K. (with Archial Architects)

2014           Sonoma County Museum, Santa Rosa, CA

2014           The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2013            Federal Courthouse, Long Beach, CA

2013            Martin Building, Seattle, Washington

2013            NOAA Headquarters, Silver Springs, Maryland

2013            Zebrastraat, Ghent, Belgium

2013            University Health Center, San Antonio, Texas

2012            Brisbane Airport, Australia (with UAP)

2012            NOAA Headquarters, Silver Springs, MD

2012            Centene Headquarters, Clayton, MO

2012            Public Utility Commission Headquarters, San Francisco, CA

2012            Neiman Marcus Store, Walnut Creek, CA

2012            Buhl Community Park, Pittsburgh, PA (with Andrea Cochran)

2012            Nashville Airport, Nashville, TN

2011            Questacon, Canberra, Australia

2011            Davis Court, San Francisco (with RHAA landscape architects)

2011            University of Calgary, Canada

2011            Ningbo, China (with UAP)

2010            Minnesota Twins Ballpark, Minneapolis, MN (with Tom Oslund)

2010            Sacramento Docks, Sacramento, CA (with Walker/Macy)

2010            Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (with Moshe Safdie)

2010            City Hall, Chandler, AZ (with Smith Group Architects)

2010            H2 Hotel, Healdsburg, CA (with Andrea Cochran, landscape architect)

2010            Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, IL

2009            ResMed, San Diego, CA (with Davis & Davis Architects)

2009            Santa Rosa Junior College Student Center, Santa Rosa, CA

2009            Niswonger Children’s Hospital, Johnson City, TN

2008            Rijkswaterstaat, Dutch Water Department Headquarters, Utrecht, Netherlands

2008            Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, AZ (with Barton Myers and Architekton)

2008            Bayfront Plaza, San Diego Hilton, CA (with John Portman Architect)

2008            ATF Headquarters, Washington DC (with Moshe Safdie)

2008            Skirball Museum and Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA (with Moshe Safdie)

2006            Dubai Festival City, United Arab Emirates

2006            Milwaukee Waterfront, Milwaukee, WI

2006            Issaquah Highlands, Washington (with MBT Architecture – Seattle)

2006            21-C Hotel and Museum, Louisville, KY

2006            Union Point Park, Oakland Estuary (with Mario Schjetnan Garduno and PGA design)

2006            ICON, San Diego, CA

2006            Marvell Headquarters, Sunnyvale, CA

2005            International Trade Center, Charlotte, NC

2005            Mesa Arts and Entertainment Center, Mesa, AZ (with BOORA & DWL Architects)

2005            Phaeno Museum, Wolfsburg, Germany (with architect, Zaha Hadid)

2004            Huntington Botanical Gardens, Pasadena, CA (with Todd Bennitt Landscape Architect)

2004            Pittsburgh Children’s Museum (with Koening Eizenberg Architects)

2004            ATT Building, Santa Rosa, CA

2004            Emerald Glen Park, Dublin, CA (with Carducci Landscape Architects)

2003            BART Station, San Francisco International Airport, (with MBT Architecture)

2003            University of Oregon, Eugene (with CMGS landscape architects)

2003            DiRosa Art and Nature Preserve, Napa, CA

2003            Chevron/Texaco Headquarters, San Ramon, CA (with Tsao Design Group)

2002            Technorama, Winterthur, Switzerland (with Durig & Rami Architekt)

2002            1801 North Lynn Street, Arlington, VA (with RTKL architects)

2001            Yahoo Headquarters, Sunnyvale, CA

2001            School of Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

2000            Gateway Village, Charlotte, North Carolina

2000            Expo 2000, Hannover, Germany (with Atelier Bruckner Architects)

1999            Rose Center for Earth & Space, American Museum of Natural History, New York

1999            Baypointe Light Rail Station, San Jose, CA (with SBA Architects)

1998            National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Boulder, CO

1996            School of Engineering (ITL), University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

1995             Founders Court, Seattle Center, Seattle, WA, (with Atelier Landscape)

1994            National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO

Selected Exhibitions: 

2018            Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA

2018            Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

2018            Petaluma Arts Center

2015            IceHouse Gallery, Petaluma

2013            Bolinas Museum

2012            Paradise Ridge Sculpture Garden, Santa Rosa, CA

2009            Pasadena Museum of California Art

2009            Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York, NY

2009            National Building Museum, Washington, DC

2009            Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA

2008            Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA

2007            AIA Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2004            Museum of Natural History, New York, NY

2002            Museum of Natural History, London, England

2001            Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA

2001            New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA

Awards / Grants:  

2019            NYCx Design Award, Architectural Installation, NY Aquarium

2009            Public Art Award, Americans for the Arts, 40 Best Public Artworks

2006            AIA Honor Award with Koning/Eizenberg for the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum

2006            Design Distinction – Environments, I.D. Magazine’s Annual Design Review

2006            Year in Review Award, Public Art Network, Americans for the Arts

2005            National Design Award, Landscape Design, from the Cooper-Hewitt Museum

2005            Year in Review Award, Public Art Network, Americans for the Arts

2003            MacArthur Foundation Fellowship

1999            Creative Work Fund (with TODCO, San Francisco)

1999            National Science Foundation, Planetary Landscapes Exhibition, Chabot Observatory

1996            National Science Foundation, Turbulent Landscapes Exhibition, Exploratorium

1994             National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Sculpture Fellowship

1994             California Arts Council Fellowship

1992             Bernard Osher Cultural Award

1991             National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Sculpture Fellowship


1982             B.A., Environmental Studies, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT                                               

Reviews / Articles: 

2018            SF Chronicle, “Water Show Graces New Transit Center” by Sam Whiting

2009            New York Times, “Into Another Dimension” , by Julia Klein

2009            San Francisco Chronicle, “Memory of Water”, by John King

2008            Sculpture Magazine, “Sculpting Consciousness”, by Lisa Streitfeld

2008            Professional Lighting Design, “Nature Meets Art – Art Meets Nature”

2006            Landscape Architecture, “Design with Science”, by Susan Hines

2004            Sunset Magazine, “The Nature of Art”, by Peter Fish

2004            Los Angeles Times, “Please Trample the Grass”, by Mary McNamara

2004            Artweek, “Ned Kahn at Off the Preserve”, by Colin Berry

2003            San Francisco Magazine, “Mother Nature’s Sons”, by Jonathon Keats

2003            San Francisco Chronicle, “Urban Landscapes” by John King

2001            Marin Independent Journal, “Putting Art in Motion”, by Rick Polito

1999            New Scientist, Interview with Ned Kahn and Jeff Greenwald

1996            New York Times, “Persuading Nature…”, by Tessa DeCarlo

1996            Los Angeles Times Magazine, “Mad About Sci-Art”, by K.C. Cole

1996            Complexity, Turbulent Landscapes, by Ned Kahn and Dr. James Crutchfield

1993            Wall Street Journal, “Where Art Meets Science”, by Tessa DeCarlo

1989            New York Times Magazine, “Works in Progress”, by Bruce Weber

1988            New Yorker Magazine, “Talk of the Town”, by Adam Gopnick

Public Lectures: 

2011            University of Chicago, Physics Lecture Series

2011            Watkins College of Art, Design and Film

2010            Minneapolis Public Library (Forecast Public Art Event)

2010            University of Texas, Austin

2010            DiRosa Art and Nature Preserve (KQED Lecture Series)

2009            Stanford University

2009            Art in Public Spaces Symposium, Austin, TX

2009             Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta, GA

2009            Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

2008            San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

2008            Woodbury University, Burbank, CA

2007            Columbia University, New York, NY

2007            Idea Festival, Louisville, KY

2007            Office of Public Art, Pittsburgh, PA

2007             Sonoma State University, Cotati, CA

2007            AIA Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2006            Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

2005            Stanford University, Stanford, CA