Mare Undurum, Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, AZ

A collaboration with architect, Barton Myers, and the firm, Architekton, on integrating artworks into the new performing arts center. A series of wave generators in a shallow reflecting pool that encircles the building, create a series of large circular ripples, like huge raindrops falling on a lake, that spread out through the pool in ever-changing patterns. An array of thousands of 3×3” mirrors set into the space between the glass layers of the curtain wall are aimed down to reflect small, moving “snapshots” of the water surface. As the ripples move across the pool, the mirror array visually digitizes the flow pattern. Even though viewers are only actually seeing small snapshots of the wave patterns, the mind fills in the voids. The artwork takes the surface of water, something that people are used to seeing, and subtly convert it into something novel and intriguing. The array of mirrors also functions as a sunshade for the building.(2008)